Why Us

The product Omnesys NEST has been in the Indian markets for more than 8 years now. In the course of this time, the product has been used by customers in almost all possible ways an OMS can be used in the trading arena. NEST supports all assets classes being traded in India, all exchanges and markets are supported. This makes NEST the only platform currently available in India that fully supports all features required by customers be it banks in their use of trading securities, or buy side brokers or sell brokers and prop trading houses. NEST connects to all Indian exchanges in all asset classes.

A significant portion of the institutional order flow in India is routed thru NEST. NEST performs some of the most sophisticated order slicing and Institutional order book management that enables trading institutions to scale up their business and still maintain comprehensive risk knowledge as well as risk control over all trading within the institution. In short NEST is very mature product for something as serious as Financial trading.

NEST is used in software as service (SAS) model by multiple exchanges. This innovative method of deploying software helps exchange quickly garner liquidity, enable large number of brokers to be enabled for trading at the same time. It also simplifies broker's technology issues and support issues and in a single stroke eliminates significant costs for brokers. This innovative model is being tried elsewhere in the world. NEST currently supports more than 25000 concurrent logins and more than 1.5 million trades a day in single multi tenanted hosted facility.

Brokers can manage their own risk on the SAS model. The exchange can provide fully redundant data centers, alternate routing for order flow, business backup and recovery methods and advantage over third party networks. At present NEST is being provided as service to all the members of the National Stock Exchange and is branded by NSE as NOW.

NEST is used extensively by the all the algorithmic trading prop houses. The NEST Strategy product, the NEST Pulse and NEST GATE provide comprehensive rule based trading capability to variety of end user needs. Strategy addresses the arbitragers market with server side order management capability for low latency orders. Pulse addresses the technical trader with in depth technical analysis feature set and ability to do back testing. NEST Gate supports the institutional and FIX order flow and order routing via DMA. GATE provides full capability algorithm development methods to a business analyst/trader on the desk. There is no need for a programmers or technical analyst to be involved. As such there is very little loss of information. At present more than 60% of the algo volume is routed thru NEST.

From a trader's perspective, NEST is well known for its ease of use, its extensive feature set, it's very low latency order flow mechanism, complete tick by tick market data, co lo capability, multi market access from a single front end, comprehensive and sophisticated risk management.