Varied Features of NT

How to place a cover order ?
You can click on cover order entry under the menu orders and trades or can use
the short cut key Shift + F1 for buying cover order and Shift + F2 for selling cover order.

Fig: Cover Order Entry Window with short cut in the right hand side.

Fig: Cover Order Entry Window

How to link Market Watch to Excel/Open Office ?
Right click on marlet watch window and select any of these two :

and select any of these 3 options for link to excel :

Fig : Drop down list of link to excel

After selecting any of these three, open excel and apply paste option to link market watch to excel.

How to invoke ticker bar ?
Right click on market watch window and select Dialog Bar.
Select Show ticker bar to invoke ticker bar or press Ctrl+K

Fig: Drop down list of Dialog Bar menu

Fig: Ticker Bar

How to View all derivative contracts of a particular scrip?
Right click on a particular scrip and select Derivative Chain under Tools Menu or Press Ctrl+D.

Fig: Drop down list of tools menu

Scrips Comparison watch
Compare Scrip
The Compare scrip feature is for comparing scrip based on the different market data columns available. You can formulate the strategy using the scrip present in market watch, the market parameters and the arithmetic & logical operators. Once you formulate the strategy the live values for the same can be observed in Scrip comparison bar.

Put Call Parity:
Put cal parity can be invoke only for Option Scrip’s .C + X = F + P where C call option last traded price, X is Future strike price, F is the future Last Traded price, P is put option last traded price. This is the equation to calculate the put call parity equation that will be added to scrip comp dialog bar

Note: Some of these features belong to the automated trading category and require prior approval from the exchange before they can be used.

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