Omnesys provides a variety of services in support of its software. The services help the organization support and manage the operations. We also provide services for co-location, strategy development and strategy consulting.

  • Development Services

Omnesys products have product functionality extensions in form of APIs, in built scripting, external product integration and access to tools.
The customer licensing these products can use these tools and extend the software.

  • System Management Support and Operations

As Omnesys products are generally mission critical they are deployed in a managed data center. The data center can be located in the broker premises or in an external data center and the software deployed there.Omnesys provides services to manage and support the operation of its products in either of these deployments. If located in a broker premises, the services can be provided either remotely or by person onsite. If located in a managed data center, the services are provided remotely.

Omnesys also provides software development resources to implement the functionality as suggested by the customer. This can be on a Time & Material basis or a Fixed Price basis.

  • Co-Location at Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange (DGCX)

We provide co-location services for the DGCX exchange.

  • Consulting for Algo Strategy Development

Omnesys has significant experience dealing with capital markets and technology. We provide software development services to help clients develop algorithmic trading strategies for arbitrage, trade execution et al. We also can help you select an optimum mix of hardware and software to minimize transmission time as well as execution latency and improve performance of algorithms and trading strategies.