Proprietary Desks

Proprietary trading demands:

  • Trade executions with very low latency
  • Excellent connectivity to exchanges
  • Tick by tick data
  • Charting and analysis tools.
  • Programming frameworks for developing trading algorithms

Omnesys NEST is a leader in this space and a significant volume of order flow passes through the NEST system. NEST has multiple programming models including strategy development, GATE and PULSE which helps traders as well as programmers develop strategies.

For more details follow specific product links.

Nest Strategy

OMNESYS NEST strategy is an integrated algorithmic trading system within the OMNESYS NEST Order Management System.

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Nest Gate

Omnesys Nest Gate is a comprehensive tool to build extremely customized directional execution algorithms without writing..

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Nest Pulse

Nest Pulse is a comprehensive technical analysis tool with advanced charting and indicators. Pulse allows you develop..

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Nest Gemini

The NEST Gemini is used for the creation of dynamic two-legged spread instruments by the user. This spreads can be between..

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Bracket order

A bracket order is a special order type which allows traders to place the main order as well as the stop-loss and the profit taking..

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Nest APIs

NEST provides various low latency API for multiple development environments to suit various modalities of programming..

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Nest FIX

The OMNESYS NEST installation can be configured as a FIX hub and become a destination of FIX order flows from various..

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Nest TBT Feed

NSE now provides a real time tick by tick feed which means that every order that is pushed to the exchange by anyone..

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Nest DJ News

For a trader news is extremely important part of trading activity and majority of decisions in trading are based on news.

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Nest XL

It is quite well known that most trader use Microsoft Excel for variety of ad hoc calculation and management..

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Nest SOR

Smart Order Routing is a mechanism by which a trading platform discovers the best price for a given instrument across ..

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