Omnesys NEST product suite includes:

  • Broker Order Management System (OMS)
  • Execution Management System (EMS)
  • Comprehensive Rule based Pre Trade Risk Management
  • Comprehensive Post Trade Position Management
  • Algo Trading Engine
  • Simple Interface to write custom Trading strategies
  • Order Slicing based on  Time / Market Volume / Price
  • Smart Order Routers
  • Automated Trading Engines for Spreads, Cash - Fut , Put Call Parity and other arbitrage trades
  • Low Latency Fix Engine
  • Low Latency Order / Market Data Apis
  • Technical Analysis tools
  • Fail over, DR site capability
  • Matching Engines and Exchange in a Box capability
  • Generic Algorithmic Trading Engines
  • Execution Algorithms

All of these business features are encapsulated in various products which work seamlessly with other. The distributed architecture and scalability of the core software enables a very low latency and high performance irrespective of the various feature sets you may choose to use.

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