Order Management

Order Management is the core of a trading platform.

  • Omnesys NEST has a distributed architecture that makes scaling very easy
  • It also helps distributing computing load across machines
  • With cheaper and cheaper hardware, deploying a full fledged trading platform becomes very cost effective.

With the framework of Order Management, there are many sub categories depending on the type of business, the risk profile, the latency and volume transacted.

  • NEST has several modules dedicated to specific business needs of customers and the single NEST system can be configured depending on the business requirement.
  • A large multi featured broker can have several modules running within the same framework and one need to have separate instances. This is very important from a consolidated firm wide risk management perspective.

The product can be deployed under variety of model such as Software As Service, Broker Hosted or Managed Service.

For more details follow specific product links.

Nest OMS

The NEST OMS forms the center piece of the trading system and provides services of Account Management..

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Nest RMS

A key component of any real time system deployed in any Financial situation has to be the Risk management..

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Nest Trader

OMNESYS NEST Trader is an intuitive front-end solution that connects to a robust backend server to fetch market data..

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Nest Trader IOB

Nest Trader’s Institutional Order Book is a niche offering for sell side brokers who typically need to execute large orders.

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Nest Gateway

What does your branch office really need? Secure access to HQ servers. 100% up time on trading application.

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Nest FIX

The OMNESYS NEST installation can be configured as a FIX hub and become a destination of FIX order flows from various..

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Nest Simulator

NEST Simulator is a tool which is used to play back historical data feeds. Such simulation is useful for..

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