Omnesys NEST Strategy

OMNESYS NEST strategy is an integrated algorithmic trading system within the OMNESYS NEST Order Management System. OMNESYS NEST strategy offers standard out of the box algorithms and a simple but powerful Integrated Development Environment to design and deploy proprietary algorithms. Using OMNESYS NEST strategy you can build, deploy, monitor, analyze and optimize your trading strategies on the fly. OMNESYS NEST Strategy is designed so that you can build the trading strategies using familiar trading terms and phrases. The arbitrage opportunities are shown as they are executed and their status is updated in real time.

Strategy is an add-in module to the OMNESYS NEST OMS system and is licensed separately. Strategy allows traders to route single leg and multi leg orders based on some algorithm and to control and monitor the value, the risk and trading parameters.

OMNESYS NEST Strategy provides a framework containing all the components necessary for trading. This allows the trader to focus on developing complex strategies without bothering about infrastructure issues and connectivity issues. Provides a high-level language in which the trader can program his strategy logic.

Some of the well know algorithms being currently used by our customers using Nest Strategy in Co Located environments are:

 Market Neutral Strategies

Cash Vs Future Arbitrage
Inter Exchange Arbitrage
Pairs Trading
Cash Future Hit Model
Cash Future Bid Model
Pairs Trading
Implicit and Explicit Spreads
Calendar Spreads Hit Model
Calendar Spreads Bid Model
Indes Futures vs Basket
Conversion Reversal
Nifty Mini Nifty
Nifty Nifty Bees
Inter Exchange

 Options Strategies

Conversion Reversal
Single Strike Volatility Trading
Multi Strike Volatility Trading
Delta Hedging
2L – 3L Butterfly, Straddle , Strangle etc
Calendar Spreads Future Future Arbitrage (Calendar Rolls)

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