Nest Plus - Tools of the Trade

Omnesys NEST Plus is an innovative solution offering ‘Tools of the Trade’ from Omnesys and its partners that allows an investor client to use a bouquet of investment services, trading advice, news or any other services of their choice. All this is delivered to where they matter the most - right inside your trading platform.

These ‘Tools of the Trade’ offerings on NEST Plus are integrated seamlessly with Omnesys' award winning platform – the NEST Trader. NEST Plus allows a person to access several services from various sources within a single interface. This approach highlights the power of delivering niche services to a huge community in a centralized manner. Omnesys has made this possible by working with some of the leading service providers in the industry.

The Investor client can now register with NEST Plus, subscribe to their favorite tool, news or service and act on expert advice much faster than others. Whether they are a short term trader, swing trader or investor, whether they prefer stocks, commodities, Forex, options or futures, NEST Plus will enhance overall trading experience.

We currently have the following tools/services enabled on Nest Plus:

  • Market Monitor – Real time commentary on which stocks are nearing their 52 week
    high/low, Day’s high/low and Circuit limits
  • Market Scanner - A powerful scanner to shortlist the most active scrips in the market

What is in it for a Broker?

  • More client involvement, trading volumes will increase
  • Use the bouquet of value added services (which can be chosen by the client himself) to
    attract new customers and win the loyalty of existing ones
  • You can offer these services/tools to premium clients at a subsidized cost
  • No operational over head to manage/support clients who use these services/tools
  • Can take on the big brokers who currently offer these specialized services

What is in it for an Investor Client or end user?

  • All services/tools within a single user interface
  • Choice of services and tools from various sources at a single place
  • Ability to act on research, calls etc in no time – Execution enabled services
  • Participate in a community of traders
  • Better overall trading experience

What is in it for a Service Provider?

  • Reach the right target audience
  • Provide clients with execution capabilities
  • Maximum impact of the service provided – since the user can immediately put it to use inside
    the terminal
  • Synergies with other aspects of trading – for e.g. a personal finance service provider has
    access to his client’s trading/investment positions which can directly be synced – no need to manually upload positions
  • Ability to cross sell products

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