The NEST OMS forms the center piece of the trading system and provides services of Account Management, Order Management and Order Routing to other sub systems. This includes:

  • Market Data & Connectivity to various exchanges
  • Order execution facilities
  • Order Delegation facilities
  • Comprehensive Risk Management

It is a fully integrated online trading system for securities using regular Trading Work Stations, web browsers and mobile devices. OMNESYS NEST OMS binds all clients of the firm like remote branches, sub-brokers and individual investors into an integrated real-time online, multi-channel multi-exchange system. It is supported by real-time comprehensive risk management features. This flexibility provides the Firm or the Brokerage House with maximum control over its own installation in terms of investment, implementation and other specific needs. NEST OMS’s n-tiered distributed architecture provides a highly scalable platform to develop and implement modules to either enrich the content or add improved business logic. It currently provides direct access to all the major Indian markets via the specific Exchange CTCL connections. Connectivity to other Asian exchanges such as DGCX and SGX are underway. Connectivity to other global exchanges is being continuously developed.

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FIX Compliant

OMNESYS NEST Trader screen, web, mobile, DMA can all be used to capture all originating institutional or retail client orders. Clients can also send in FIX order from EMS Systems.
The orders are then passed to the appropriate desk for trade execution. Execution vary from real dealers (market makers, listed desk, block desk) to automatic strategies and algorithms (VWAP, VWAP-1, auto execute, price improvement). Orders can also be rerouted to other systems. The feedback of status of the order is provided to the client originator or the desk at all times. The information can be used as a audit trail or as a mechanism to step in and correct the flow. All order information is provided in standard FIX tags

The Technology

Omnesys NEST Product Suite is a set of server side processes on Linux platform which can be either co located at the exchange, hosted at the broker or managed from a third party site. The server side processes provide business functionality using Software as Service paradigm depending on how the licensee has configured the use of the system. The system can be multi tenanted or single tenanted host. The server side processes connect to exchanges using exchange specific API, third party API, consolidators, aggregators etc. Depending on your price point and requirement and latency requirement you can choose the configuration.
All users to this NEST system connect via Internet/LAN. All functionality available in the server side is now exposed to the end user depending on the role/entity and entitlement of the user. The identity of the user is managed by multi factor authentication. What is now presented to the connect point is an aggregate or consolidated view of the markets, along with risk profile, value added data, news, NEST aggregation, algos etc.
The trading front end which can be any program built over the API, NEST Trader, NEST Strategy, NEST GATE, NEST PULSE etc, can now benefit from the eco system of NEST processes and in turn contribute added data into the system.

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Asset Classes Supported

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Exchange List

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