NEST Gemini

The NEST Gemini is used for the creation of dynamic two-legged spread instruments by the user. This spreads can be between any set of instruments supported by NEST. The 2L spreader can be used to generate custom strategies that can be deployed extremely quickly into the market. Some example strategies which can be created:
1.     Multi-market arbitrage
2.     Multi-asset arbitrage
3.     Pair Trading
4.     Rollover strategies

NEST Gemini can help one create strategies:

  • Extremely quickly
  • Without any software expertise
  • That can be deployed into the live market in no time
  • Like Cash Future (IOC), Future Future (IOC), Pair, Rolls can be developed
  • Which are highly customizable

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Please note that automated trading is subject to exchange approvals and can be utilized only by the dealers of member brokers. If you're a retail investor/trader you cannot completely automate your trading as per exchange/SEBI regulations.