Interfacing NEST FIX

The OMNESYS NEST installation can be configured as a FIX hub and become a destination of FIX order flows from various FIX sources and aggregators world wide.

Nest FIX enables clients to send orders to the Nest trading infrastructure from a Fix front-end. The Nest FIX engine supports FIX 4.2 Protocol. It supports the following type of FIX orders:

  • DMA
  • One Touch
  • Work/Care Orders

Currently orders can be sent directly to OMNESYS NEST FIX engine from

  • Fidessa
  • Marco Polo Network
  • Tora Network
  • UL Link
  • NY Fix
  • Tradeweb
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Proprietary Fix systems

All the FIX sources listed above are in production and being used actively. All tag mapping and FIX connectivity has been tested and deployed. The OMNESYS NEST FIX accepts FIX orders and sends post trade details back to the FIX front end in real time.

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