Nest BackOffice

The NEST Back Office is a complete solution for Multi Asset, Multi Exchange trading back office.

NEST Back Office - IdealX is a complete answer to stockbrokers operations in multi-exchange & multi segment operations. The software handles all statutory requirements of Double entry accounting system and delivers comprehensive financial statements like Trial Balance, P & L statement & Balance sheet. The scope covers functionalities of Cash Market, Derivatives, and Commodities & Depository under a single point solution. The system design provides highest level of security in terms of user logins on preset privileges for operations.

The architecture is a real Multi-tier system with independent of database & application server & a thin browser based client. The client side installation only requires IE 6.0. The software works on a centralized database & connection can be made from local LAN, VPN, Intranet, etc.


  • Single client for multi market / exchange operations.
  • Client wise brokerage & Charge settings for different markets.
  • Maker checker facilities for charges passed with recharge & roll back features.
  • Scheme settings with products wise charge like Volume wise, Rate slab wise, Scrip wise, Day Square up & Delivery charges.
  • Schemes also include statutory charges like CE Tax, TOT charge, SEBI Charge, Stamp charge with option to charge the client or debit the expense account as the case may be.
  • Scope is also provided to include other charges like Late fee, Margin limit exposure, cheque bouncing, etc.
  • Margin accounting on day basis for initial, VAR & M to M margin for pending positions.
  • Deliveries are made available in both Auto & Manual ways.
  • Auto delivery in derived on NSDL Speed files Import & Broker pool account is maintained in the system.
  • Loan creation on inward from clients & priority to adjust on outward delivery is tracked by the system.
  • Powerful MIS is provided on Speed transactions, Delivery transactions & Instruction generated for DP.
  • Integrated depository, derivatives & commodities market solution.
  • Dynamic & Web reporting is provided with all facilities to port data on Word, Excel, Text, Adobe, HTML, etc.
  • System definition interfaces with other applications like E-Broking, E-Banking, etc.


  • Web based, multi-tier to work across network & connectivity from any remote logins.
  • Enhanced data Access Protocol to enable work multi networks like LAN at Head Office & supports any wired & wireless data access protocols.
  • Multi-tier architecture enables highest level of security in the public gateway (WWW) and enhances performance to be tailor made to suite the hits & approaches.
  • Independency of Multi-tier enables clustering technology to distribute workload to more than one server & there by reducing huge cost in high end servers/platforms.
  • The system architecture enables handshake with any number of third party applications like, front office, Risk management tools, Content providers, Banking - Payment Gateways,
  • Installation at the server side & client access with the browsers reduces maintenance & updating hazards.
  • The technology has distributed the application functionalities in to individual components & every components function individually. Powerful web reporting tool for branch & client access.


  • Single platform solution for multi market & multi company operations.
  • Business process & Cost center accounting there by enables to derive at unit by costing.
  • All financial statements including Trial balance, P&L and B/S can be taken on cost centers.
  • Complete automation of delivery modules there by reducing manual interface & enhancing performance.
  • The automated delivery system guarantees highest level of accuracy & control in scrip movement across broker beneficiary & client beneficiary accounts.
  • Branch & region based access & functioning to distinguish between branches & franchises, thereby enabling data on demand at all levels of users.
  • On demand data goes a long way in client servicing.
  • Intercost Vouchers – a new tool to maintain the statutory norms of accounting client balances & margin money for the trading exposures.
  • Offline upload facilities of client balances & multiple in exposures to risk management tools based on the account & holding balances.

Segments Supported

  • NSE EQ
  • NSE F & O
  • BSE EQ
  • PMS

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