Interfacing NEST API

NEST provides various low latency API for multiple development environments to suit various modalities of programming and programming styles. The API are available in Java, COM and C++ that enables programmers to build algorithms and send orders to NEST OMS.

The API is structured into market data events and order events. Programmers can choose either one or both of them and build a module of program which subscribes to market data. The algorithm can then decide based on its own internal logic to send orders out to exchanges. All execution is in real time and with low latency.

A program module built using API can be enabled to trade on any exchange that the OMS supports and needs to be specifically enabled by the Risk Manager to be allowed to trade thus enabling full control by Risk oversight for all algorithmic trading.

Orders can be sent as direct FIX orders or native API calls. All orders go through a in line Risk Manager on the server side and then passed on the exchange. The Risk Manager implements the risk rules as required by the broker. As can be imagined, the risk rules add to execution time and it is the decision of the broker and the trader to determine which rule to apply for which trade such the low latency is achieved by the system.

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Please note that automated trading is subject to exchange approvals and can be utilized only by the dealers of member brokers. If you're a retail investor/trader you cannot completely automate your trading as per exchange/SEBI regulations.