NEST Gateway

Interconnect seamlessly

What does your branch office really need? Secure access to HQ servers. 100% up time on trading application. Controlled Internet access for employees. Failover and load balance of multiple Internet links, with seamless connectivity. Everything else is frills, which you end up paying for. This is where the NEST Gateway comes in to help!

Network failover – or business continuity is a key requirement that the NEST Gateway meets. Be it DSL, USB data modems, MPLS or VSAT lines, the NEST Gateway does all of this perfectly. This provides you a full range of network connectivity options without requiring any compromises on cost or quality. The secure SSL VPN will automatically failover to the working link, ensuring that critical business connectivity stays up, no matter which link works. With multicast support, this becomes an ideal choice for trading offices.

A branch office usually has no local IT support. Every problem has to be solved remotely – and in a secure manner. This is where the NEST Gateway scores over other solutions. With a built-in SSL VPN client and a secure remote access to the configuration, the NEST Gateway can be managed effectively from a central NOC, without compromising on security. In addition to managing the device itself, the branch office IT assets (PCs and other devices) can be reached remotely and securely, over the VPN tunnel that is setup. The SSL VPN tunnel is based on industry standards, with strong encryption, authentication and accounting. And it is completely secure.

The branch office IT infrastructure is a cost center. And is almost always severely budget constrained. What is more, the requirements for security at the HQ and the branch offices are similar. The key difference between the HQ and the branch office are in terms of what Internet access is allowed. The Net Junior avoids a whole bunch of security issues by reversing the Internet access method – allow what is required and block everything else. This does away with expensive gateway Anti-Virus scans and its associated costs of signature updates. The gateway AV still requires that your Windows PCs be protected with an Anti-Virus. So, why pay for what is not required? The Net Junior is designed to be configure-once-andforget. No updates required, no signatures updates – hence no recurring costs!


  • Network failover and load balance, with policy routes
  • Multi-WAN configuration
  • 3G data card support
  • Built-in stateful firewall
  • Multi-cast support
  • Built-in SSL client, based on OpenVPN
  • Web proxy for restricted
  • Internet access
  • Integrated wireless access point
  • Secure key-based remote access server for control from centralized NOC


  • Two WAN Ethernet ports
  • Three LAN Ethernet ports
  • Supports PPPoE, Static and DHCP on WAN configurations
  • Integrated Wireless, supporting 802.11 bgn
  • WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless security
  • Wireless speeds up to 150Mbps
  • OpenVPN based SSL client
  • Dynamic DNS support
  • DNS and DHCP servers

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