Internet Trading

The ability of the broker to scale his business depends on enabling as many of his customers to be able to trade from where ever they are. Internet and online trading is a ideal mechanism of achieving this objective.

  • The browser based trading enables the end user to trade from anywhere
  • The trader can manage his positions and seek broker help only when specific issues arises.
  • Brokers can build their franchise model and online model keeping this growth in Internet trading perspective.
  • Mobile trading is newly approved channel for trading. Mobile enables brokers to provide similar trading capability on smart phones and mobile devices.

The product can be deployed under variety of model such as Software As Service, Broker Hosted or Managed Service.

Omnesys NEST product suite has several products to address this space.

For more details follow specific product links.

Nest Web

OMNESYS NEST Web is the browser based interface to OMNESYS NEST. It allows the broker to deploy its Online trading website..

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Nest Payment Gateway

Nest Payment Gateway allows our internet trading clients to pay-in/pay-out funds in a quick, efficient..

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Nest Equity SIP

Nest Equity SIP allows investors to buy/sell equity instruments traded on various exchanges on a periodic basis..

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Nest Cover Order

A cover order is a special order type which allows traders to place both the main order as well as the stop-loss order..

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