Fixed Income

Trading in Fixed Income asset class

  • Has always been an OTC type of trade.
  • Fixed Income will shortly become a exchange traded asset class.
  • Across the globe, we see transition to this method of trading
  • Needs access to REPO,Money markets etc.

Omnesys provides tools and technology to trade in REPO, Money Markets and other Fixed Income classes.

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Nest WEB

OMNESYS NEST Web is the browser based interface to OMNESYS NEST. It allows the broker to deploy its Online trading..

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Nest Payment Gateway

Nest Payment Gateway allows our internet trading clients to pay-in/pay-out funds in a quick, efficient..

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Nest Equity SIP

Nest Equity SIP allows investors to buy/sell equity instruments traded on various exchanges on a periodic basis..

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Nest Cover Order

A cover order is a special order type which allows traders to place both the main order as well as the stop-loss order in a single click..

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Nest Matching Engine

Omnesys provides Matching Engine solutions for Exchanges to..

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Nest SAS

OMNESYS NEST can be hosted at the broker or at a service provider who may provide OMNESYS NEST on a SaS model..

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