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For a trader news is extremely important part of trading activity and majority of decisions in trading are based on news. News can be related to a industry sector, the interest rates, global market or a specific news about the company.

When a trader is watching the screen in Market Watch he is basically tracking the price/volume movements of the instrument. OMNESYS NEST NEWS now has a mechanism to present the news related to the specific instrument right where it belongs – on the same row as the price volume data. He can now view the news in real time and judge its possible impact on prices. Maybe trade in the instrument to benefit from the news.

Omnesys NEST Trader provides the capability to present real time news and historic news related to item at click of a button.
Any type of news can be published via this system and includes variety of company related items and company filings. Currently Dow Jones News is available via Omnesys NEST.

Dow Jones & Company ( is a News Corporation company. Dow Jones is a leading provider of global business news and information services. Its Consumer Media Group publishes The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, MarketWatch and the Far Eastern Economic Review. Its Enterprise Media Group includes Dow Jones Newswires, Dow Jones Factiva, Dow Jones Client Solutions, Dow Jones Indexes and Dow Jones Financial Information Services.

More than 438,000 financial professionals in 66 countries turn to Dow Jones for breaking news, commentary and analysis, including market-moving corporate, economic, market, financial and political news. Reporting from nearly 90 bureaus across the globe, Dow Jones publishes up to 18,000 news items each day, in 11 languages, covering all asset classes. Dow Jones products help customers build relationships, create market opportunities and enhance trust in their services.

Dow Jones & OMNESYS
Dow Jones and OMNESYS have entered into an alliance for the distribution of real-time Dow Jones Newswires content to subscribers via the OMNESYS proprietary trading platform, OMNESYS NEST ™. With this, OMNESYS became the first trading platform in India with an integrated newsfeed and OMNESYS users now have the advantage of news and analysis from Dow Jones and trading execution from a single terminal.

NEST is currently interfaced with


It is quite well known that most trader use Microsoft Excel for variety of ad hoc calculation and management of current state of events. It is simple to use and provides phenomenal amount of computing capability. OMNESYS NEST XL is a software tool, that enables real time market information to be streamed into Excel which enables to traders to manage every aspect of the their trading in real time.

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Dow Jones Newswire