Basic Features

How to logon to NEST Trader?
After installing nest package on your system, an icon named NEST Trader will be placed on the desktop. You have to double click on the icon to start the application. After the application starts it prompts you for the login. You need to enter the login name and password in the respective fields provided. On first login attempt, it prompts you for password change and you need to change the password.

The password should be alphanumerical and should be 6 to 12 characters in length. And you should not be allowed to set the password same as last two passwords.

On entering wrong password 3 times, the login will be blocked. To reset the password, you have to request the ADMIN.

How frequently do I need to change the password?
You need to change the login password and transaction password after every 14 days. Once 14 days completed, the system mandates the change password option. Once you change the password then only you are allowed for login.

What is transaction password?
The transaction password is for internet clients. If you are an internet client you need to enter the transaction password while you do any transactions post login.

How can I download the scrip master?
In login dialog, there is an option for Scrip Download. You check the exchange segments for which you want to download the scrip master. Once you click on login button, in login sequence NEST Trader will download the scrip master for the segments you selected. If you do not check any of the segments for scrip download, then trader will load the scrip master from existing file for that segment.

How can I check the NEST Trader connectivity to Server?
In NEST Trader help menu, there is an option NEST Diagnostics, through which you can view the connectivity of trader with server at any point of time.

Market Watch
How to set market watch window ?
Click on the market menu and select market watch group settings to invoke group setting window.
Steps Involved: 1. Write Group Name and click on Add New – Name will be added in the Group name.
2. Select exchange type, instrument name, symbol and then click on add. The scrip will be added to the group.
3. Follow the same process and add your favorite stocks to the group.
4. Click on Save Groups to save this group of particular stocks. Stocks saved will be visible in market watch window.
5. You can also update your market watch by adding scrip in the market watch window or by adding in group settings window, in that particular group and click on update groups.
6. You can also load your predefined group to to the market watch window by Importing an option of IMPORT GROUP and vice-verse.

Fig: Market Watch Group Settings

How to remove market watch group from market watch screen ?
Click on market watch group settings under market menu. Select a particular group and press delete key.

Fig: Market Watch Window

How to Add a particular scrip in market watch ?
Enter the required scrip name in the following window and press enter.

Fig: Scrip Bar to Add Scrip

How to remove a particular scrip from market watch ?
Select a particular scrip and press delete key.

How to rearrange the market watch columns ?
Right click on market watch profile header and select from the drop down list which includes ( Select reposition columns for repositioning the column)

Fig: Drop down list

Fig : Column Profile window to reposition column

How to view Snap Quote of a particular scrip ?
Double click or F6 on a particular scrip.

Fig: Snap Quote Window

Can I add same scrip multiple times in same market watch profile?
No. You cannot add same scrip more than once in a particular market watch. If you try to add the scrip in the same market watch, it will give you a message saying “Scrip already present” and the focus will be on that scrip in the market watch.

How many scrip I add in market watch?
You can add as many scrips you want to watch in market watch. There is no restriction on the number of scrip you can add to market watch.

How can I set a blank line in market watch?
You can use INSERT button or right click on market watch -> Actions -> Insert blank line option.

What is “Load default order list” and “Set as default order list” stands for?
Once you add scrip to market watch you can arrange them in an order by drag and drop through mouse click or CTRL+X (Cut) and CTRL+V (Paste). To save this order you have to say CTRL+M or Set as default order list from right-click on market watch -> Actions. If you want to move back to the original order you can call Load default order list, which recalls the last saved order

How can I search scrip in market watch?
You can search scrip in market watch by typing the initial of the scrip and then pressing CTRL button. You can use CTRL for next scrip search and SHIFT+CTRL for previous scrip.

How to trade in a particular scrip ?
Buy : Short cut assigned F1 or can be invoked through “+” key and uses to place Buy Order for selected Scrip.

Fig: Buy Order Window

Sell : Short cut assigned F2 or can be invoked through “-” key and uses to place Sell Order for selected Scrip.

Fig: Sell Order Window

Following are the Terms used in Oder placing window :
1. Exhg-seg: Exchange Name for which you want to place order.
2. Order Type : Limit or Market.
3. Instrument Name : Need to select in which segment of the exchange you want to trade like Option Index (OPDIDX) etc.
4. Symbol: Need to select the symbol in which you want to trade.
5. Qty: Need to specify the number of scrips.
6. Product Type :
       1. NRML
        2. MIS
7. Validity :
        1. Day : This order will be valid for whole day.
        2. IOC: This order is for immediate execution otherwise it will be automatically canceled.

Where to view our placed orders ?
Placed orders can be viewed in order book, which is invoked through F3.
The Order Book is divided into two frames:
Open orders
Completed orders

The Orders which has not found the match yet will be there in Open Orders Frame where as the traded orders can be seen in Completed Orders Frame. User can also see all cancel or rejected trade along with the reason in Completed Orders Frame.
Following options are there under right click :

Fig: Short Cut Keys are provided in the right hand side of the option

1. Order History: Will show the history of selected placed order along with the time. The Order alert can be set, it will return a pop-up as soon the alert get triggered.
2. Set Security Alert: It will return a pop-up if the security with the given alert price has been triggered.
3. Grid Lines: Will draw the grid lines inside the window between rows and columns.
4. Write To Excel: This option will allow user to write all his Orders to Excel file.
5. Copy To Clip Board: It will copy the items to clip board, user can paste wherever he wants.
6. Open Orders: Once Selected will show the open orders.
7. Open Pending Orders: if this option is selected will show only open pending orders.
8. Validation Pending Orders: This option will return only the open orders which are not yet validated.
9. Frozen Orders: If Frozen orders option selected only Freeze orders will show in the window.
10. Acknowledged Orders: Once the option selected only acknowledged Orders will be displayed (the orders which have placed but only have the status as “put order request received”).
11. After Market Orders- Fresh: It will return the open After Market orders placed but which are not modified.
12. After Market orders- Modified: It will return only Modified After Market Orders.
13. All orders: If this option is selected, it will show all open orders without any condition.
14. Link Orders: User can link the selected order to the Basket. Once selected following window will appear; where he has to fill the basket, wave and line Id. Once he fills all these fields the order will linked to the assigned basket.
15. Customize: User can change the appearance of dialog with the help of this option.

How to Modify or cancel orders in an order book ?
Click On the modify or cancel options respectively to modify or cancel any open order present in the order book.
You can cancel all open orders at one go through Cancel All option.

How to filter orders in order book?
Click on the Order Filter present in the order book.

Fig: Order Filter Window

How to filter based on account ID or participant code ?
Click On the Show Filter option present in the order book.

Where to see the traded orders ?
All placed orders which have been traded can be seen in trade book dialog. Short cut to invoke trade book is F8.

Fig: Trade Book

How to convert position of a particular trade ?
Click on the Position Conversion option in the Trade Book.

Fig: Position Conversion Window

How to filter trade in trade book?
Click on filter trades to open a separate filter window in trade book.
If you want filter in the trade book window then click on show filters.

How to view the positions of a particular dealer ?
You can view this by opening Net Position window through Alt + F6.

You can view this by opening Net Position window through Alt + F6.

Fig: Net Position Window

How to View Net Wise or day-wise position?
By default Day-wise position is being displayed. By selecting the Net-wise option, you can view the carry forward positions and day-wise positions.

How to square off from net position window?
Tick On Square-off Exact Qty to square-off for a particular position quantity wise. If you want to square-off the % of total number of invested shares then uncheck the box and write the % of the total invested shares you want to squared off. After writing click on the square-off option.

How to convert position in net position window?
Select a position from the list and click on the Position Conversion option.

How to enter after market orders?
Click on After Market Orders under Orders and Trades menu.

Fig: After Market Order Window

Fig: After Market Orders-Buy

Fig: After Market Orders-Sell

How to view the Top N Gainers and Losers ?
Click on Top N under the menu Market.

Fig: Top N window

You can view the top ten gainers or losers on the basis of traded volume, value, open interest volume, open interest value and % change on previous close price.
You can view top n for the following:

Fig: List of Indices

How to view the account balance ?
Select RMS limit under Surveillance menu and click on Client Cash Credit.

Fig: Accounts Ids Ledger balance

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