Algorithmic Trading

NEST is a premier platform for trading algorithmically. As one of the first products in India to be enabled for algo trading, NEST has a long and varied background in algo trading.

A significant volume of the trading in India happens algorithmically and NEST is a key part of this order flow.

In algorithmic trading sections, we talk about various canned strategies that have been developed by Omnesys for Algo trading which the customer can pick and choose and run for his prop trading.

Basket Trading

Trading as a single basket as a group of stocks/instrument. The systems manages the various fills and let you know when the basket is filled. Very useful for large basket trades. Baskets can also be matched to Index or create new index based on contents of baskets.

Order Slicing

Order slicing is breaking up a larger block order into smaller orders so that there is minimal market impact. This can also be used to break up order flow between various groups of traders.

Nest Gate

Omnesys Nest Gate is a comprehensive tool to build extremely customized directional execution algorithms without writing a single line of code

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2L & 3L Spreading

2L and 3L spreading is creation of dynamic spread instruments by the user. Can be any set of instruments supported by NEST. The trade is executed as a single order if the exchange supports it or NEST manages the orders.

Nest SOR

Omnesys NEST Smart Order Routing (SOR) engine strives to provide best execution across a number of exchanges to retail as well as institutional investors and algorithmic traders.

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Options strategies

Various options strategies can be traded as a single order.