Advanced Features

How to rearrange the market watch columns ?
Right click on market watch profile header and select from the drop down list
which includes ( Select reposition columns for repositioning the column)

Fig: Drop down list

Fig : Column Profile window to reposition column

How to Load Predefined Market Watch ?
Click On LoadPredefined Market Watch Under Market Menu.

How to set conditional market watch ?
Click on Conditional Market Watch under Market menu.

Fig: Conditional Market Watch

What is "MW Groups" ?
This drop down list shows names of the market watch groups saved in market watch group settings.
One has to select the name of that market watch group and set conditions on that.

How to apply the condition ?
Click on Add to apply the condition on the selected market watch.

How to apply Greeks in market watch ?
Click on reposition column and add the greek column to the market watch.

Fig: Greeks in reposition column ( All the greeks where shown in blue)

Fig: Greeks in market watch

How to view combined market depth ?
Click on combined market depth under market menu or press Ctrl+Alt+F6

Fig : Combined market depth of ACC

What are the various charts used by the investors ?
Following are the types of charts are used by the investors:
1.Intraday charts
2.Historical charts
3.Comparative charts

How to invoke Intraday charts?
Right click on a particular scrip and select intraday charts.

Fig: Intraday Chart

How to invoke historical charts?
Right click on a particular scrip and select historical charts.

Fig: Historical Chart

How to invoke comparative charts?
Right click on a particular scrip and select comparative charts.

Fig: Comparison between BHEL and ACC

Fig: Right Click On Charts will give you following options

How to change chart style?
Right click on charts and then click on the style option, you will get the options to change the style of the chart

Fig: Various chart styles

How to draw study line in a chart?
Right click on charts and then click on the study line option, you will get the options to draw study lines.

Fig: Various study lines

How to add technical indicators in charts?
Charts can be analyzed through various technical indicators present in the Add Indicator column on right clicking on the chart

Fig: List of Indicators

How to add indicator in charts?
Click on the indicator and click on the Apply button to add the indicator in chart.

Fig: Window to apply the indicator

How to invoke price ladder?
Click on the price ladder option under the market menu.
This shows Bid and Ask price as well as quantity. It is easy to buy or sell looking at the prevailing price and entering the order simultaneously.

Fig: Price ladder

How to use Model Basket?
There are two steps to place a model basket order:
1.Add/Delete/Edit Model Basket - Ctrl+Shift+Z
2.Model Basket order Entry – Shift+Alt+Z
Add/Delete/Edit Model Basket
      Here one can add, delete or modify model basket from the window shown above.
      One can also load a predefined group of shares from the option Load File.

Fig: Add/Delete/Edit Model Basket

Model Basket order Entry
      Here one can calculate the the amount distributed on the portfolio and also place the portfolio.

Fig: Model Basket order Entry

How to set alert for a particular condition?
Click on Set Alert under Tools menu. You can set the alerts for the index as well as for security touching a specified level. Whenever the index or scrip meets the condition specified in the alert it gets triggered, and return a pop-up/E-mail or a SMS.

Fig: Set Alert Window

One can set alert on the following conditions:

Fig: Drop down list of Alert Me If Value

Following are the steps involved in placing alert:
1.Select index name.
2.Set alert condition in Alert Me If Value Is option.
3.Enter alert value in Enter Value option.
4.Tick for selecting the options.
      1.Email To get alert on mail
      2.TWS On trading work station.
      3.SMS On the provided mobile number.
5.Click on Set Alert.

How to modify or cancel alert?
One can modify or cancel alert in Alert List Window.
To invoke alert list click on Alert List under Tools menu.

Fig: Alert list window

How to set order alert?
Click on Set Order Alert under Tools menu.

Fig: Order Alert Window

How to modify or cancel order alert?
One can modify or cancel order alert in Order Alert List Window.
To invoke alert list click on Order Alert List under Tools menu.

Fig: Order Alert list window

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